Nagrada Blažo Mirčevski
Blazo Mircevski Award
Blazo Mircevski, a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, was born on February 18, 1948 in Skopje, Macedonia. He graduated from the School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, in 1972. In April 1971, he started working as a signaling engineer for the state railroad in Skopje. He has joined Alcatel at the beginning of its presence in Yugoslavia, and in June 1991 he became the manager of the Education Center of Alcatel-Pupin Yugoslavia.

Blazo Mircevski made a significant contribution to the development of domestic telecommunications, particularly digital switching systems, as well as to the education of experts in this area. His 51 years of life and 27 years of work produced 13 graduating classes of telecommunications technicians, many young computer experts, and several switching systems successfully integrated into the country's telephone system. He constantly invested in junior colleagues, helping them gain professional self-reliance and perform research, and teaching them to implement, write, and justify their ideas and projects.

B. Mircevski authored several scientific and professional papers published in the proceedings of ETRAN, YUINFO, and TELFOR conferences. He was active in the area of ATM switching-systems architecture, particularly the Alcatel systems. He wrote class textbooks, books for switching-systems professionals, and popular-science publications that made digital systems and computers accessible to a large community of users.

Belgrade, November 2006
Novi Sad, 1974.
Novi Sad, 1978.
Lanion, Alcatel, 1991.
Brezovica, march 1998.
Ei Pupin Alcatel, working place, summer 1998.