Research associate at IEFPG Belgrade, Serbia

Djordje Grozdić was born in 1987. in Belgrade, where he finished primary and secondary school education. In both times he got Vuk’s diploma for highest school marks. Mr Grozdic obtained his BSc EE degree at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Department of Telecommunication and Information Technologies in 2010, MSc EE in 2011. He proceeded his education and entered PhD studies at the same Faculty. Curently he is attending the second year of PhD studies and he is ranked as the best student in generation. Mr Grozdic has three years of working experience. During his studies, he worked as system engineer at Belgrade Waterworks (internship) and as developement engineer at Telefonkabl a.d. (full time job). Since 2012. he has been working at Life Activities Advancement Center as research associate. Mr Grozdic has published 15 scientific papers. His research interests are Digital signal processing, Speech signal processing and Artificial intelligence.