Jury work

Jury work for TELFOR 2023.

A total of 51 works by young authors were submitted to TELFOR 2023. Of that number, 20 papers were refereed online and the other authors presented their papers live. Proposals for the “Blažo Mirčevski” Award were submitted by 12 works.

The representation by section was as follows:

  1. Telecommunication networks 5
  2. Radio communications 1
  3. Mobile and wireless networks 2
  4. Signal transmission systems 4
  5. Signal processing 7
  6. Applied electronics 4
  7. Applied electromagnetics 5
  8. Multimedia 0
  9. Optical communications 1
  10. Software tools and applications 20
  11. Smart and efficient vehicles 2

Even at the last TELFOR, the most attractive area for young researchers was software in various forms and associated technologies. In the field of multimedia, there was not a single work among young authors, and two works were recorded in the new section “Smart and Efficient Vehicles”. One paper, on February 12, comes from the “Politehnica” University in Timișoara, from the Department of “Electronics and Telecommunications”, and the other, on April 12, from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade. This means that the areas of research in the domain of the TELFOR conference are expanding and following the development of new technologies in the world.

The works of young authors, potential candidates for the “Blažo Mirčevski” Award, come from Serbia but also from abroad in a ratio of 23:28. All papers are written in English. The fact that there are more young authors from abroad than from Serbia supports the importance of the TELFOR conference, but also a warning that there is insufficient work with young researchers in Serbia.

After several eliminations, the jury found that four works stood out for their quality. These are the following works:

Paper titleFirst authorAll authos
7.10.Aircraft Detection Range for HF RadarPavle PetrovićPavle Petrović, Nemanja R. Grbić, Nikola Lekić, Miroslav Perić, Slobodan V. Savić
10.4.Implementation of Graphical User Interface using Virtual Assistants based on LLMsLenka BajčetićLenka Bajčetić, Dražen Drašković, Dragan Bojić
10.17.Exploring the Potential of Generative Adversarial Networks for Synthetic Medical Data GenerationLuka JovanovićLuka Jovanović, Aleksandar Petrović, Tamara Živković, Miloš Antonijević, Nebojša Baćanin, Miodrag Živković
10.28.Enhancing Training Efficiency in Facial Emotion RecognitionRadu BolcașRadu-Daniel Bolcaș, Mihai Ciuc, Eduard Popovici

At its last meeting, the Jury established the following order of works in the shortlist, assessing the quality of the works integrally according to the existing criteria for awarding the Prize:

  1. Paper 7.10. Aircraft Detection Range for HF Radar
  2. Paper 10.17. Exploring the Potential of Generative Adversarial Networks for Synthetic Medical Data Generation
  3. Work 10.04. Implementation of Graphical User Interface using Virtual Assistants based on LLMs
  4. Work 10.28. Enhancing Training Efficiency in Facial Emotion Recognition

The decisive facts for determining this order were the following:

The first paper is extremely rich in content, the problem was considered integrally and research was combined with realization. The paper exceeds the expected quality of papers for the conference and makes a unique contribution to the scientific reputation of the VLATAKOM Institute.

The works in second and third place deal with the domain of very modern technologies and the jury considered their professional contribution for a long time. The second work comes from an established group of researchers who already have several works in this or a similar field and several published works in important journals (IEEE Zooming Innovation in Consumer Technologies Conference (ZINC), pp. 191–196, IEEE, 2022) and in Proceedings of significant international conferences in the domain of intelligent systems. On that side, their contribution is significant.

The first author of the third work, according to the jury, is more independent in research, the young author did most of the work on her own, and the jury estimates that she will make a greater contribution and achieve more valuable results in the following works.

The work “Enhancing Training Efficiency in Facial Emotion Recognition” is in line with the latest trends in the fight against crime and terrorism. Results, observations, and conclusions are presented clearly and explicitly. By applying neural network technology, image processing time has been significantly shortened. However, it was concluded that the work is predominantly “student” work, so it ended up in fourth place on the list.

The final decision of the jury is to announce the work on 7.10. Aircraft Detection Range for HF Radar, for the best work of a young author at the TELFOR 2023 conference. The winner of the “Blažo Mirčevski” Award is the young author Pavle Petrović.

The author’s contact address is pavle.petrovic@vlatacom.com.

The jury was composed of:

PhD Marija Malnar, B.Sc. Electrical Eng.

PhD Nemanja Zdravković, B.Sc. Electrical Eng.

PhD Vuk Batanović, B.Sc. Electrical Eng.

Mr. Nikola Popović, B.Sc. Electrical Eng.

Mihailo Tošović, B.Sc. Electrical Eng.

PhD Vladimir Orlić, B.Sc. Electrical Eng.

Julijana Mirčevski, B.Sc. Electrical Eng.

  Julijana Mirčevski

Belgrade, May 21, 2024