Vladimir Orlić PhD electrical engineer

Research and Development Center “VLATACOM doo”, Belgrade, Serbia, systems architect

Personal data:
Born in Belgrade 1983. Live and work in Belgrade.

1998 – 2002 High school of mathematics (Mathematical gymnasium – MG), Belgrade
2002 – 2007 University of Belgrade, School of electrical engineering, Department of electronics, telecommunications and automatics,
2007 – 2011 PhD studies, University of Belgrade, School of electrical engineering, graduated with thesis “Automatic modulation classification on the basis of sixth-order cumulants at Belgrade”

Professional experience:
2007 – 2008 „IMTEL Micro-opt”, Belgrade, as research & development engineer
2008 – 2011 Institute „IMTEL Communications“, Belgrade, research & development engineer and Head of Department for Digital signal processing
2011 – 2012 „High Tech Engineering Center doo”, senior engineer
2012 – today Research and Development Center “VLATACOM doo”, systems architect

Mr. Orlic is engaged in issues around telecommunication systems, signal processing, embedded systems and systems for surveillance & protection. In these areas he participates as an author or co-author on the development of the concept and the practical realization of multiple hardware and software solutions, of which 6 are registered in the form of technical solutions generated in the projects of the Serbian Ministry of Science and Technological Development.

He has participated as an author or co-author of the realization of a number of hardware and software solutions in internal corporate projects. Author of more than 50 bibliographic items, including papers published in journals and at conferences of international and national importance.

Membership in professional organizations
Vladimir Orlić is a member of several professional associations under the IEEE, engaged as reviewer in international journals and conferences, member of the jury for the award “Blažo Mirčevski” and a member of the Scientific Council of Research and Development Center “VLATACOM Ltd”.

He is reserve second lieutenant of the Army of Serbia.

Tuitions and Awards
2003 – 2006 Serbian Ministry of education and sports, scholar
2006 – 2007 Serbian Government Fund for young talents, scholar
2008 – 2009 Serbian Ministry of telecommunication and information society, scholar
2007 – “Blažo Mirčevski“ award for the best paper of a young author at TELFOR 2007 conference