PhD student at the Department of Software Engineering
School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade

Vuk Batanović was born in 1987 in Belgrade, Serbia. In 2010 he received a Bachelor’s degree and in 2011 a Master’s degree from the School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade. Since 2012 Mr. Batanović; has been a PhD student at the Department of Software Engineering of the same School.
His main field of research is natural language processing (NLP), particularly the processing of minor and under-resourced languages like Serbian. He is currently mostly interested in semantic tasks such as sentiment analysis and semantic similarity, especially on the level of short texts. His research interests also include distributional semantics, morphological normalization, multilingual NLP solutions, and (deep) machine learning.
Mr. Batanović has participated in the Regional Linguistic Dataset Initiative (ReLDI), a two-year institutional partnership between research units in Switzerland, Serbia and Croatia, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation under the SCOPES program (Scientific co-operation between Eastern Europe and Switzerland). He is also participating in the bilateral Serbian-Slovenian research project “Open Information Extraction for the Slovenian and the Serbian Language”.
He is a reviewer for the Decision Support Systems and the IEEE Access journals, and a member of the Special Interest Group on Slavic Natural Language Processing of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL SIGSLAV).
More detailed information is available on the website

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